Drugloo Classic

Drugloo Classic
Drugloo Classic

Developed and first manufactured in 1987, this equipment has proved very popular over the years, has been supplied in its original form to many countries and is still in regular and effective use. The equipment is manufactured to a very high specification from top quality materials and is built to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Drugloos are supplied in prefabricated parts, easily handled and moved by two persons. The parts are simply bolted together and fixed into position. Connection to the mains services is simple, following the step by step assembly instructions.

  • Permanently installed and connected to mains water and mains waste systems.
  • Very simple to operate
  • Automatic sanitising system treats spray water to provide maximum protection to operative whilst sterilising recovered packages.
  • No mains electricity used with the drugloo WC Unit

WC Unit

The WC unit has an upstand to the sides and rear for easy cleaning. The bowl is untrapped with a smooth pass through tube, leading directly into the recovery chamber.

Stepped Base Unit

The WC unit is elevated by 500mm to provide the operator with a comfortable working height. A step unit is provided to enable the detainee to use the WC. Straight or 90o available.

Recovery unit

The recovery chamber has a pair of heavy duty gauntlets to manipulate packages, with internally adjustable sprays to facilitate washing the packages. Recovery of the reclaimed packages is via a sealed chute which, when opened, permits the packages to fall into a waiting evidence container. At no time during the recovery does the operative come into contact with the inside of the equipment nor do they have to handle the recovered packages.

Services Required

Mains water feed 4 Bar (approx 56psi)
Mains electrical feed 110v or 240v
Waste outlet via a 2” BSP socket straight into your existing waste pipes

Water Supply Regulations

Please ensure that your water supply to the Drugloo unit conforms to your local regulations.

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